Flower 58

The Animals - House of the Rising Sun.

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"Don’t try to be cured; you will heal as much as you need to by yourself."

Simone de Beauvoir, from The Mandarins.

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"[Now it is fall]
when all the golden birds
fly home across the blue deep water;
On shore I sit rapt in its scattering

departure rustles through the trees.
This farewell is vast and separation draws close,
but reunion, that also is certain.

My head on my arm I fall asleep easily.
On my eyes a mother’s breath,
from her mouth to my heart:
sleep, child, and dream now the sun is gone."

Edith Södergran, “Now it is fall,” trans. Averill Curdy, Poetry (March 2012).

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DEAD HORSE BEATS - Hello Mahaila!

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"Either the world is coming together,
or else the world is falling apart —
      here — now — along these letters,
      against the walls of every heart."

Peter Cole, from “Song of the Shattering Vessels,” Poetry (May 2013).
"If happiness never comes, what is a life?
A lily withers in the sand -
and if its nature has failed? The tide
washes the beach at night.
What is the fly looking for on the spider’s web?
What does a dayfly make of its hours?
(Two wings creased over a hollow body.)
Black will never turn to white—
yet the perfume of our struggle lingers
as each morning fresh flowers
spring up from hell."

Edith Södergran, from “A Life,” trans. Averill Curdy, Poetry (March 2012).
"You observe:
You reach your hands
Into people, and you
Rummage without taking."
"Your body has recovered you.
Fog, or stars, a leaf of spring, the little
veins you’re tracing, the world’s
still healthy here."

Ralph Angel, “Half Circle.”

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"I feel as if I am at a dead
end and so I am finished.
All spiritual facts I realize
are true but I never escape
the feeling of being closed in
and the sordidness of self,
the futility of all that I
have seen and done and said.
Maybe if I continued things
would please me more but now
I have no hope and I am tired."

Allen Ginsberg, 1952

from: Collected Poems 1947-1980.

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"Every book has a soul, the soul of the person who wrote it and the soul of those who read it and dream about it."

Carlos Ruiz Zafón, The Angel’s Game.

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School of Emotional Engineering - She Dreams In Car Crashes.

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Ben Frost - Swarm.

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Fell - In June.

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"We must learn to bear pain the way the earth bears its seeds. We must learn to blossom from it."

Pavana पवन.

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"There’s something within you that knows what to do. There is a power greater than you that knows how to take care of you without your help. All you’ve got to do is to surrender to it. Surrender your thoughts, your mind, your ego, to the current that knows the way. It will take care of you. It will take better care of you than you can ever imagine."